What’s your story?

A photograph is a story. Period. That is what it’s job is. The story should not be about the photographer, it should be about the subject. I’m amazed at how many photographers seem to be missing this critical perspective. It’s your story, not mine. I have one thing in mind when I have you in front of my lens. What is your story and how can I create the right combination of environment, light, composition and pose to tell your story in the most flattering and engaging way possible?

Seth Willis is a step instructor and dancer with a soaring personality that lifts the spirits of everyone around him. He has worked his way from a 215 pound average body to a ripped 165 that he can levitate off the ground effortlessly. He has one mission, to inspire you to do the same thing. This is what  Seth’s story looks like.

What is your story? Let’s tell it visually in a way that will delight everyone who knows you. Let’s tell it visually in a way that captures the imagination of generations yet to come who will be introduced to you, and will remember you, by what we decide together to say about you through the images we create.

You are extraordinary. Your family is extraordinary. Your company, your product, your vision… your story, all extraordinary. Are your photographs, the visual record of that story, extraordinary as well?

They can be. They should be. Give me a call. Let’s create something amazing.

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What makes Ice Imaging different?

Many people shop for a photographer like they are shopping for a copier. How can I get a reasonably accurate reproduction of my face for the lowest price possible? The pictures that engage us however are full of story, mood and expression. As a photographer, being a lighting and posing expert is critical. Changing the placement of a light, a hand or a face angle by a few inches can make the difference between a flattering image and one that falls short of making you look your best, but that’s not where the magic happens.

The magic happens when your photographer takes the time to get to know you and cares deeply about making you look amazing. It happens when they know how to say just the right thing to make your eyes come alive right before the shutter snaps.  It happens when they see something in your mannerism that defines you and they coax it out of you again for the camera.

The magic happens when you feel great in the moment and it shows on your face. It happens when you know that right here, right now, you are producing images that are going to illustrate your strength, your character and your attractiveness in a way that has never been captured before in print. Those are the images that will be cherished for generations, not just as an accurate photocopy of your face, but as a single frame movie of who you are as a person.

Great images tell a story and I am committed to telling every story that is entrusted to me with exceptional technical skill and a heavy dose of magic. If you see anything less in the images I produce for you, the whole session is free. I have to feed my family but I can work with most reasonable budgets. Ice Imaging portrait packages start around $150. Your story is worth remembering. Please give me a call. Let’s create something amazing!

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The Simple Magic of Delight

All 2 dimensional imagery is an illusion and artists are the magicians in control of the trick. The artist’s and audiences who continually demand a “straight out of camera deal” and an “honest game” in every circumstance are missing the simple magic of sheer delight. Go ahead, pick a card, any card…

I’m not encouraging unethical dishonesty, I’m encouraging a mastering of the tools of illusion and an appropriate shrouding of the mechanics behind the trick for the purpose of elevating delight. I really don’t care if an artist has a digital string up their sleeve with a dob of Photoshop wax on the end of it. Just don’t let every member of the audience see it on every trick, because when they do, no matter how brilliant the rig, some of the magic is gone. It’s one thing if you are training a fellow magician/artist. It’s quite another when your goal is to inform or entertain in a delightful way. Sometimes the magic of entertainment is in the method but usually, it’s in the message, and when it is, it’s ok to flawlessly deliver a brilliant illusion and walk away leaving a spellbound audience to sort it out for themselves.

In case you missed it, I am not a “straight out of camera shooter,” I’m a lighting specialist and Photoshop ACE trading on the simple magic of sheer delight. Go ahead, pick a card, my card… Let’s create something amazing!

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Fix it

FIX the concept.

FIX the lights.

FIX the camera.

FIX the whites.

FIX the hair.

FIX the clothes.

FIX the makeup.

FIX the pose… Then…

FINISH it in Photoshop.

And by George, finish STRONG!

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A No-Bull Cause

It is not always cost effective, or even possible to get the exact photograph needed for a specific advertisement. That’s when commercially licensed stock photography, and a heavy dose of  digital magic, can really save the day. Cadco Architects & Engineers has had a lot of success helping schools pass bond issues. One of their proven strategies is to use live versions of the school’s mascot on the information graphics they provide to the school districts to inform voters and encourage a strong community turnout.

The Bridgeport Bulls were a unique challenge.

What do you do when you can’t find a perfectly posed photograph of a live bull to match a client’s logo but you’ve got the perfect shot of a statue licensed for commercial use? You either find a well trained bull to pose for an expensive photo shoot or you have Kevin wave his Photoshop magic wand and bring that statue to life so he can vote!

What advertising campaign do you need life breathed into? Give us a call. Let’s create something amazing!

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Someone could easily watch me practicing lighting set-ups, changing modifiers, cleaning the lens (again), studying manuals into the wee hours of the morning or taking pictures of meaningless objects and conclude that I am obsessed with gear. What I’m obsessed with is getting the art that is inside of my head out through the door of that gear without having to fumble with the keys. I want to be able to open that door in the dark and turn on the light without looking. Yes, I’m a little nuts about opening and closing the door for no apparent reason, but it’s only because I’m expecting you. Come on in. The door is open. Let’s create something amazing!

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Merry Christmas!

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Critical Motivation

If criticism comes from a qualified source, who looks you in the face and challenges you to be all you were created to be, then honor it with determined change but if it’s the kind that snickers at you behind your back, reach over, flip the determination switch in your brain, and drown the petty little thing in a massive wake of unrelenting talent. Either way, move forward!

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With Either Hand?

My grandfather was a carpenter all of his life. He had all of the latest pneumatic nail guns but he could also drive a nail just about as fast, with either hand, using the hammer he had grown to know and trust. I never saw him field strip that thing to clear a jamb either.

I’ve heard so many photographers boast that their high end gear is so tough they could drive a nail with it.



With either hand?

That’s when the magic happens you know.

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The Power to Change the Face of Things

I stumbled on this Abraham Lincoln quote this morning on the Marketing Essentials International blog and it’s speaking to me:

“Commitment is what transforms a promise into reality. It is the words that speak boldly of your intentions. And the actions which speak louder than the words. It is making the time when there is none. Coming through time after time after time, year after year after year. Commitment is the stuff character is made of; the power to change the face of things. It is the daily triumph of integrity over skepticism.”

We live in a society that jumps on quick fixes and wants long term credit for short term gains. Too many relationships amount to shaking hands, tossing a couple of shovels full of dirt over the fence together, patting each other on the back and moving on to the next “commitment.” I see it in every industry, including this one.

Sure, everything starts there, and it’s fine that a lot of things end there, but it’s a problem when everything starts to end there. Sometimes a couple of shovels full of dirt is all that’s needed, but that’s not commitment. Commitment digs in. Commitment stays. Commitment moves things. The world needs more commitment.

Everything is moving like crazy. The miracle workers are moving them where they want them. Everywhere I turn people are trying to figure out how to make that work. Rapid solutions need to fall from the trees. We need to touch things and turn them to gold with a word. That power is available but it isn’t free. In fact, it’s probably more expensive now than it’s ever been. It’s more valuable too. Commitment is still the only key that unlocks it all. Some things never change.

I love miracles as much as anyone? I count on them in fact and miracles do happen. They happen often. They happen to me. I’ve never seen a miracle happen outside of the realm of commitment though. Never.

Without exception, in those moments where I’ve witnessed transformation happen so fast that it was unexplainable (miraculous), it happened because someone had the faith to pick up a shovel, dig in and stay with their convictions until the barriers moved. Faith, like earthquakes, can move huge barriers in an instant, but the underlying pressure that causes the shift usually takes years to build. Years of commitment. The digital revolution isn’t going to change that.

Everything I’m building, I’m building on faith, but I think I’ve defined faith a little differently than most. The kind of faith I’m talking about, the kind that moves mountains, sticks around for a while and gets a little more invested than a couple of shovels full of dirt over the fence. Lincoln understood that, and because of it, he didn’t just move mountains; He carved his face in them. It cost him his life, but man, what a life! “… The power to change the face of things…” yea, I like that Lincoln; I like that a lot.

That’s the husband, father, friend, creator and all around man I want to be. That’s the company I want to build. That’s the company I want to keep. The kind of company where the logos are worn off of most of the gear but the smiles of long term friendships, and jobs well done, never fade.


Am I speaking to you? Is Lincoln speaking to you? If so, please speak back. What are you building? Is it exciting enough to warrant a commitment from you? Is it exciting enough to warrant a commitment from others? What would that look like for both of you?

Think about it. All of those amazing moments frozen forever in your mind. They are all relationship moments encased in a solid state of unyielding commitment aren’t they? We spend a lot of our lives on the job. Why aren’t more of those memories tied to our careers? Could they be?

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